18th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming

Oslo 14–18 June 2004

We invite you to ECOOP 2004 in Oslo in June 2004. Enjoy advanced scientific discussions during long sunny evenings at the place where object-oriented programming was born with Simula 67.


The University of Oslo at the Blindern campus.

Listen to our invited speakers:
Matthias Felleisen on Functional Objects
Thomas A Henzinger on Richer Interfaces for Software Modules

Attend the banquet and experience new ideas from Douglas C Engelbart on how to improve the way we use computers.

Join us for a high quality technical program with tomorrow's technologies. Become updated on the latest technologies by attending tutorials by renowned experts in their fields.

Join lively and in-depth discussions in workshops.

Learn what our panel (moderated by Clemens Szyperski) has to say about Object-Oriented Programming and XML.

View a spectacular exhibition in memory of three pioneers that passed away in 2002: Edsger W. Dijkstra, Ole-Johan Dahl and Kristen Nygaard.

ECOOP 2004 conference poster
Monolith in Vigeland Park
Munch painting