Travel to ECOOP 2004

This page contains some travel information relevant to your stay in Oslo.

Arrival in Oslo

You will quite likely arrive at one of the following three places:

Arrival 1: Gardermoen airport

This is the main airport for Oslo and it is situated about 35 kms north of the city. You have the following choices of transfer:

Arrival 2: The central railway station

This is the central transport hub in Oslo and ideal for transfer. You can, of course, also take a taxi to any hotel.

Arrival 3: Torp airport

This airport is located about 120 kms south of Oslo. The only transfer choice is to take the airport bus to Oslo; after about 2 hours you will arrive beside the main railway station (see above).

Travel within Oslo

Public transport within Oslo is highly coordinated. You pay by the hour for use of any kind of transport (except taxi): train, metro, tram, bus or boat, and you have unlimited transfer within that time.

The rates are:
1 hour 20 kr (30 kr when bought onboard)
8 tickets of 1 hour 150 kr  
24 hours 55 kr  
7 days 190 kr  
Tickets are bought at the train and metro stations and in most Narvesen newsagent shops and 7-Elevens. You may also buy 1 hour tickets from the bus or tram driver, but if you buy just one (rather than eight) they are more expensive.

Note! All tickets must be stamped before they are valid! This is done in the small yellow or orange machines found on the buses and trams and on the metro platforms.

Conference tickets

All conference participants will receive a 7-day ticket at the registration desk. Remember to stamp this ticket when using it for the first time!

Those who have only registered for tutorials or workshops and not the conference itself, will not receive a conference ticket. We recommend that you buy one or more 24-hour tickets, depending on how long you are staying.

Metro lines

The metro/subway/tube lines run every 15 minutes, and every half hour after about 10pm. Metro stations are marked with a circled T.


The tram/streetcar lines run every 15 minutes and every 20 minutes after 6pm.


Using a taxi in Oslo is fast and safe, but somewhat expensive. A trip from downtown Oslo to Blindern campus or back will cost about 120–150 NOK.

There are several taxi companies but they all have a lighted sign with "TAXI" on the roof. Just hail one with a lighted sign or look for a taxi rank with a blue sign saying "Taxi".

All taxis have meters displaying correct fare. Tipping 5-20  NOK is common, but not mandatory.

All taxis accept the major credit cards, but the driver will appreciate knowing about this when the journey starts.