ECOOP 2004 conference site

The conference takes place on the University of Oslo's Blindern campus which is situated about 5 kms from downtown Oslo, as shown in this map.


Most events will take place in the University Library (also known as Georg Sverdrup's house) which is building 27 on this map:

Some workshops and tutorials will also use nearby Vilhelm Bjerknes's house which is building 13 on the same map.


We recommend that you use either the metro lines (shown in dark blue on the map above) or the tram lines (light blue on the map) to reach the campus. Read also the page about public transport in Oslo.


Take either line 3 towards Sognsvann or line 5 towards Storo. After about 10 minutes, leave at Blindern station and follow the signs.


Take either line 10 or line 17 ― both lines go to Rikshospitalet. After about 20 minutes you can leave at Universitetet Blindern (beside building 8 on the map) and follow the signs to the conference.

You may also take line 18 to John Colletts plass (beside building 42 on the map) which is the stop just prior to Universitetet Blindern and walk the last 300 meters.

Computer facilities

Wireless LAN

Georg Sverdup's house will be equipped with a special wireless LAN during the conference.

Other computers

In the nearby Vilhelm Bjerknes building, several computer rooms will be available. Contact the conference reception desk to get a guest account and a password.