ECOOP 2004 Registration Form

To register, please fill out this form and submit it using the Submit button at the bottom. You will then be transferred to a page handling the payment.

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All prices are in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). A currency converter may be useful.


In case you need to cancel your registration, please read our cancellation policy.

Personal information

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  Registration fee in NOK
    Early (until 17th May) Late (after 17th May) On-site registration
Regular participant 4400 5250 6000
Student 2000 2500 3000
ECOOP committee member 2950 2950 2950
Tutorials only (no conference) (see below) (see below) (see below)
Workshops only (no conference) 1700 1950 2050
Student: Workshops only (no conference) 1000 1250 1350


Only regular and ECOOP committee member participation includes the banquet and a copy of the proceedings.


Tutorial fees

  Regular Student Committee Tutorials only
Early registration (until 17th May)
   First tutorial 1700 850 1700 2000
   Second tutorial 1300 750 1300 1500
   Third tutorial 1100 550 1100 1300
   Fourth tutorial 900 450 900 1200
Late registration (after 17th May)
   First tutorial 2050 1200 2050 2350
   Second tutorial 1300 650 1300 1500
   Third tutorial 1100 550 1100 1300
   Fourth tutorial 900 450 900 1200
On-site registration
   First tutorial 2200 1350 2200 2500
   Second tutorial 1300 650 1300 1500
   Third tutorial 1100 550 1100 1300
   Fourth tutorial 900 450 900 1200


Workshop participants must
  1. contact each workshop chair to arrange attendance and
  2. register and pay using this page.

The workshops are free for conference participants.

Accompanying person

First names: Last name:

Companion fee in NOK
Early registration
(until 17th May)
Late registration
(after 17th May)
1300 1500 1700
This covers banquet, boat trip and reception at Oslo City Hall.

Payment for conference, tutorials and workshops

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Hotel reservation

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    Single room Double room

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11-12 June   12-13 June   13-14 June   14-15 June   15-16 June   16-17 June   17-18 June   18-19 June   19-20 June

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