Dear colleague,

do you work with software development, particularly object/component based technology? Would you like to present and discuss your experiences with Europe's leading researches and developers within this field? If you do then you are welcome to submit a presentation proposal for the "Practitioners Report" session during the ECOOP'04 conference in Oslo, Norway, this summer (14.–18. June); see //

Submission deadline is 7 May!

The "Practitioners' report" session provides you with an opportunity to present your experiences in applying object-oriented technologies or related software development practices. You may present how concepts that sound good on paper (and possibly at conferences!) work, or does not work..., in the real world. If you are able to relate your presentation to "theoretical" methods and principles then that is fine, but more importantly, you should present a clear and comprehensible problem, which alternative solutions was considered and eventually selected, advantages and disadvantages of these, and finally lessons learned from this. A concrete example, possibly a small demo, will be useful.

See //, and send me a mail if you need more information.

ECOOP ― European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming ― is the premier forum in Europe for bringing together researchers, practitioners, and students to share their ideas and experiences in a broad range of disciplines woven with the common thread of object-oriented programming and object technology. It is a well-integrated collage of events, featuring carefully refereed technical papers, topic focused workshops, in-depth tutorials, late-breaking demonstrations, interactive posters sessions, a doctoral workshop, and outstanding invited speakers. See // for information on previous conferences, litterature references, and more.

Best regards,
Egil P. Andersen
DNV Software
+47-951 55 235