ECOOP 2004 Panel

Object-Oriented Programming and XML

The panel is chaired by Clemens Szyperski, a software architect at Microsoft.

The panelists are:
Burak Emir, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne ― Scala/XML project
Alain Frisch, Icole Normale Supirieure, France ― CDuce project
Erik Meijer, Microsoft, USA ― Xen project
Vivek Sarkar, IBM, USA ― XJ project

The panel focuses on recent work, performed concurrently in multiple projects, to integrate XML concepts into OO languages. Examples of such integration efforts include CDuce, Xacr, Xduce, Xen, XJ, and XML/Scala. The key challenges faced by these projects range from appropriate type systems, to the proper integration of query semantics, to the meeting of high performance bars.

The panelists will address questions such as: Where is OOP-XML convergence headed ― at the level of languages, type systems, semantics? What are the biggest open issues/research problems? What are interesting practical applications of combined OOP-XML approaches?