For the Industry

Object-orientation, Web-technologies, and Component-based Computing are the most important technologies for commercial software development today. Despite of this fact, R&D labs of major companies as well as universities dedicate a lot of efforts to further research on hot topics such as Aspect-oriented Programming, Agile Development, XML Web-Services, to name just a few. For the professional developer as well as for the researcher it is important to keep track with the current state of the art as well as to anticipate new technologies that might have an impact on future software development.

ECOOP 2004 provides both, a platform for software developers and for researchers so that both can profit from each other. This is the only event where researchers, students, and professisonal software developers can meet and profit from each other.

ECOOP 2004 cordially welcomes practioners, that want to demonstrate their excellence in applying object-oriented and related technologies, to participate! ECOOP 2004 offers a range of activities for practioners to join this scientific event.

Beside exhibition and demonstration tracks, which have a long tradition at ECOOP, a special track for practioners reports will be organized this year.

All in one, there are many good reasons for practitioners to want to present their best practices at ECOOP 2004.

ECOOP is the top event on object-oriented programming in Europe where you can meet both, representatives from international companies as well as top research representatives.

ECOOP traditionally offers the opportunity to demonstrate high quality products applying modern technology in the demonstration tracks. Please consult the demo site.

ECOOP has traditionally great attendance from computer press.

A lot of excellent students from all over the world attend ECOOP, which might get attracted from your excellence in applying object-oriented and related technology and methods.

ECOOP is typically attended by 600 participants, among which you will find many international top experts in the field, you always wanted to meet.